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Plasma Pen is a new medical device in the world of aesthetics which is still rarely used. Furthermore, this technique contributes greatly to the beautification and rejuvenation of the skin and has impressive results.

Plasma Pen is a high-precision tool with a plasma sublimation technique, used on the treated areas.

It is a safe and painless technique when mastered, as it acts on the surface of the skin. It is a treatment:

  • Non-invasive
  • On the surface of the skin
  • Which does not cause scars


In short, by using this technique you will be able to correct:

  • Wrinkles
  • Scars
  • Skin lesions

For quick and visible results!


A comprehensive theoretical course that will allow you to understand:
What plasma is and how it functions
Protocol and achievable results
Work environment


A hands-on video course allowing you to:
Use the Plasma Pen correctly
Exercise by the book
See varied and detailed examples on different treated areas



Introduction to the Plasma Pen

The Hyaluronic Plasma Pen Training Course® will provide you a solid theoretical basis along with the latest information available on the technique and the market.

You will find detailed and complete content on all the elements you need to know in order to become a qualified professional.

This content will give you the ability to understand the majority of cases you will encounter in your career. The knowledge provided will allow you to advise your clients and better meet their demands in terms of rejuvenation and beautification.


The “toolkit” for an optimal practice

As part of this Plasma Pen Training, you will become familiar with all the tools and products needed to practice safely and get better results.

Thanks to this, you will be ready to face different contingencies and will have all the means at your disposal to succeed both during your sessions and in your career.

Protocol, Prevention, Results

Through the Hyaluronic Expertise Plasma Pen Training®, you will become acquainted with the protocol through a theoretical and practical approach, using videos.

Our instructor will control the quality of your actions and advise you in order to avoid mistakes and improve your results.

The technique of Plasma Pen will no longer holds any secrets for you. You will be able to meet the demands of your clients, accompany them in their pursuit of beauty and build a reputation of a qualified and trusted professional.

Accredited Training Institute

Accredited Training Institute
Graduate Instructor

Payment in 3-4 instalments

A simple and flexible payment!

Professional insurance

Insurance for new aesthetic techniques

Access for 3 months

Access to your online course for 3 months.

Online Training

+ Comprehensive theoretical course
+ Demonstration videos
+ Online community
+ Unlimited online access for 3 months
Instructor available 1 day
Practice on real model


Or €87.50/month over 4 months**

In-person Training

+ Instructor available 1 day
+ Comprehensive theoretical course
+ 1 model per trainee
+ Equipment provided*
+ Online community
Unlimited online access for 3 months

Depending on the institute

Payable in 4 instalments

Comprenhensive Training Course

+ Instructor available 1 day
+ Comprehensive theoretical course
+ Demonstration videos
+ 1 model per trainee
+ Equipment provided*
+ Online community
+ Unlimited access to the online course for 3 months

Depending on the institute

Payable in 4 instalments

“Thank you again for allowing us all to participate in these two training courses which have brought us so much!”



“I enjoyed being able to work on models, it’s really a chance.”



Beauty salon manager

*Training kits are not included in the price of a training course
**Applicable fees and APR rates are not included


Frequently Asked Questions

For the curious ones!

Why should I train?

The injection of active ingredients and hyaluronic acid using the Microneedling and BB Glow techniques is not an innocuous act. These are precise and technical actions that must be mastered in order to limit the risk of complications.

Our Hyaluronic Expertise Microneedling and BB Glow Training will be the foundation and support needed to practice safely and with impressive results.

Are our instructors qualified?

Our instructors are highly qualified professionals who have worked for many years in the skincare and hyaluronic acid world.

The instructor in charge of your training course has several degrees in the world of aesthetics and has proven her skills through her professional achievements throughout her entire career.

Furthermore, your instructor discovered the innovation of Microneedling and BB Glow at an early stage. Eager to learn and constantly update herself, she is extremely competent in all the new aesthetic techniques.

To find out more, visit the About Us section.

What does access to the community mean?

An answer to your questions from trained and qualified professionals as well as a support and a supervision provided by the head instructor.

Can I pay in 3-4 instalments?

Yes! It is possible to pay in 3-4 instalments using credit card.

What are the payment methods?

We offer different types of payment:

  • Payment in 3-4 instalments
  • Credit card
  • Paypal
  • The American Express card, with which you are debited at 30 days or more
  • Bank transfer (confirmation upon receipt of funds)
Puis-je être remboursé.e d'une e-Formation ?

Malheureusement non ! Comme le stipule nos CGVs, nous ne pouvons pas rembourser les formations en ligne car cela reviendrait à offrir gratuitement des heures de travail nécessaires à leur élaboration et à leur mise à jour. 

Nous faisons notre maximum toutefois pour que les formations en ligne vous apportent satisfaction.

Is the Plasma Pen dangerous?

As with most new aesthetic techniques, an improper use of the Plasma Pen can lead to disastrous results. This constitutes a good reason to train!

Is Plasma pen prohibited?

No! We respond in a more extensive way in the course and explain more clearly what the law says on that subject.

However, Hyaluronic Expertise cannot evade the legislation in your particular country/region.

It is your responsibility to better define the legal context in order to use these methods in your country/region.

What results can be achieved?

When used properly, the Plasma Pen gives impressive results!

Nevertheless, it is important to be realistic on the results which can be achieved using this method.

One thing is certain, when the Plasma Pen treatment is correctly performed, the wrinkles fade and the skin is visibly and permanently rejuvenated.

Legal aspect and professional insurance

By following our training, we can ensure to provide you with information coming from verified and reliable sources.

We are also committed to provide you with an excellent theoretical and practical content that will give you the essential foundation to be qualified for this technique.

However, Centrale Fillers cannot assume any responsibility for the ability of trainees to practise according with the law to which they are subject, the quality of the services provided, the obtaining of insurance for the practice at stake. All the abovementioned is the sole responsibility of the trainees.

Are these training eligible for state funding?

No. The aesthetic techniques are usually very innovative and this certification is not yet available.

Puis-je être remboursé.e d'une Formation physique ?

Le remboursement complet d'une formation physique peut s'effectuer dans le cas suivant :

  • Demande de remboursement 2 semaines (14 jours) ou plus avant la date de formation physique

Le remboursement partiel d'une formation physique peut s'effectuer dans le cas suivant :

  • Demande de remboursement effectuée au moins 1 semaine (7 jours) avant la date de formation physique. La moitié du coût de la formation physique vous sera remboursée.

Le remboursement ne pourra pas être effectuée dans le cas suivant :

  • Demande de remboursement à moins d'une semaine (moins de 7 jours) avant la date de la formation physique.

Les demandes de remboursement doivent se faire par écrit et dans les délais impartis à

Ces mesures sont prises afin de protéger nos partenaires et de limiter les risques d'annulation qui mettraient en péril la qualité de nos services.

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